Netbiokem DSAM

Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Netbiokem DSAM is a ready to use high performance disinfectant cleaner for all hard surfaces. It provides broad spectrum disinfection in industrial, institutional, healthcare and household settings. Netbiokem DSAM will not harm or damage fabrics, plastic, metals, rubber or other surfaces. It has been tested against the relevant aviation material standards. It is compliant with the requirements of the Airbus Consumable Materials list and conforms to all European Norms EN Standards.

Netbiokem DSAM
  • Ready to use, non-rinsing formulation
  • Kills 99.99% of most harmful bacteria
  • Non-flammable and non-toxic formulation
  • Suitable for all transport, commercial, industrial, institutional, health services, military and any essential services industry
  • Complies with AMS 1453, Airbus CML, Boeing D6-7127
  • Conforms to all European Norms EN Standards
  • Good performance in the presence of organic material or soil
  • Can be applied by spray, or by microdiffusion with an Ultra (ULV) fogging machine

Widely used as an aviation disinfectant spray, and approved by Airbus, this surface disinfectant is also suitable for use in a large range of commercial and industrial settings, transport and health services, as well as military and government essential services.

Netbiokem DSAM is PH neutral and does not contain bleach, acid, alcohol or chlorine, enabling it to be used directly on most plastics, metals, painted surfaces, vinyl, rubber and fabrics.

Manufactured in Sydney, Australia, Netbiokem DSAM is the ideal universal cleaner to deliver thorough disinfection and sanitation results.

TREATMENT OF MOULD on parked aircraft and closed workplaces

Mould will develop over time in closed areas and workplaces where there is little to no airflow, and condensation caused by heating and cooling (WHO guidelines for indoor air quality : dampness and mould.

Parked aircraft and closed workplaces are common environments where this will happen.

The mould that is of concern for human health is the Aspergillus species. Netbiokem DSAM has demonstrated efficacy against the species Aspergillus niger, and it is highly recommended to regularly treat all porous or semi-porous surfaces where mould spores and water can congregate with Netbiokem DSAM, either by fogging or by spot treatment as appropriate.

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