CSI Forensic Conservation Light

All Labino lights and forensic kits are made in Sweden. The design of the lights is versatile, extremely durable for both CSI crime lab and at the crime scene.

Labino forensic lights are used for detecting acid, body bruising & bite marks, body fluids, bone fragments, blood stains, blood spatter, diesel, dust marks, drug residues, fibres, gunshot residues, hair, lighter fluid, methylated spirits, mixed debris. Ninhydrin, petrol, shoe prints and tooth fragments.

Labino lights are also used for paper conservation by museums and libraries.

Please contact us info@toolmatefluids.com for application guide.

In nineteen years of service I have had the opportunity to use numerous Alternate Light Sources. The kits manu factured by Labino AB are the most versatile, longest lasting, and rugged systems I have found for both the crime laboratory and at the crime scene.

Celestina Rossi, Crime Scene investigator
CID Crime Laboratory
Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

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