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Mitech X-Ray UnitsThe Mitech X-ray Units have been used by many customers in Australia for many years. Improvements and modifications have been done over the years to make them comparable to the world leading brands. Mitech X-ray Units are super affordable and customer references are available. We are here to support and service the customers in AU and NZ.

The MITECH inflatable X-Ray Generator is a portable X-Ray Flaw Detector for X-Ray non-destructive testing, it uses the difference of degree of absorption to material thickness to detect the internal defects of materials. The detector has the advantages of small size, light weight, easy-carry, simple operation, especially suitable for cooperatively working with power generation units in various harsh environments; film material can directly display the size and shape of internal defects in the workpiece, the defects image reflected on the film are true and clear and it can be long-term preserved without special requirements to the surface roughness of the workpiece. It has obvious advantages in construction and high altitude operations, is widely used in ship building, machinery manufacturing, aviation, railway, pressure vessels, boilers, oil, chemical industries and national defence industry.

The popular range are:

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