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MG100 Portable LED View Film Lights

Technical Parameters

  • Maximum brightness: ≥400 000LUX
  • The maximum blackness value can be observed: ≥5.0D
  • Uniformity coefficient: g≥0.9
  • Scattering coefficient: ≥0.9
  • Work 12 hours continuously of maximum brightness, the surface temperature rise: ≤60°C
  • Observation window: 253mm*68mm
  • Rated power: 200W
  • Power supply: AC170 - 240V ,47 - 63Hz
  • Dimension: 464*76*177mm
  • Total Weight: 3.4kg

Product Overview

Mitech MG100 portable LED view film lights, can check the X-ray film one by one. With high-power LED light source, surface observation screen acrylic material, stable performance, strong structure, high uniformity, simple operation, user-friendly LED limit temperature, stepless dimming, can meet the needs better,which is widely used in X Ray detection for film observation and evaluation. It is the necessary professional precision testing equipment for improving production efficiency and saving production costs.


  • Widely used in the field of industrial testing and evaluation of radiation film negatives;
  • Use high power LED light source, high brightness, uniformity is good;
  • Compact design, durable, suitable for field mobility work;
  • Use acrylic plate on the screen, good light transmission, diffuse scattering performance, durable;
  • Can clearly observe the 5.0D above the black film on the small defects, which meet the daily needs;
  • Limited color temperature within 6500K LED , do not hurt the eyes,long time use is not easy to fatigue ;
  • Through the low-voltage electronic pulse width modulation, can achieve brightness stepless dimming, more to protect the safety of users;
  • The use of advanced constant current drive, greatly extending the service life (up to 50,000 hours or more);
  • With pedal mode and manual mode, to meet the different working habits, energy saving and environmental protection;
  • Consistent with JB/T4730-2005 (Non-destructive testing of pressure equipment) , GB/T 19802-2005 (Industrial radiography film film) and other relevant domestic and foreign standards.

Working Principle

The principle of the LED view lamp is fixxing the film containing the image information on the observation screen, then the light emitted from the inner light source is scattered through the film through the observation screen to see if there is a defect on the film, and the sample is qualified according to the relevant standard.

Scope of Applications

Widely used in the field of industrial testing and evaluation of radiation film.


  • Quality control link of Metal processing manufacturing;
  • Quality control link of nonmetal manufacturing industry;
  • Teaching experiment of scientific research in Institutions of higher learning;
  • Quality inspection link of Quality inspection department.

Working Conditions

  • Operation Temperature:0 - 40°C;
  • In an environment free from corrosive medium;
  • Relative humidity: ≤85%;
  • In an environment free from high magnetic field.


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