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Tool Mate SprayCheck Kit for Crop Care

For vineyard, orchard, tree crop, nut, cotton growers and spray contractors, you have been investing and using different kinds of sprayers, mist sprayer, fan sprayer, air blast sprayer, tower sprayer, self-propelled sprayers, etc.

Are you still using spray cards to get the indication of the droplet size and spray coverage?
Spray cards have many limitations, such as: the cards don't work in high humidity, small droplets are not visible, waiting time for cards to be dried before collection, etc.

Tool Mate "SprayCheck" kit for crop care, uses technology of portable, high intensity UV light with food grade fluorescent dye. This method is considered far superior than spray cards, by NSW department of Primary Industries. You can visually check the spray coverage, spray drift and spray efficiency by seeing the instant indication of the droplets and chemical drift, without the limitations like spray cards. The indication of the droplets provide very important information for spray calibration and nozzle selection.

Tool Mate "Spray Check" has options of portable close up spot check and larger canopy check to suit different crops.

There are so many factors affecting the spraying efficiency: travel speed, nozzle pressure, water volume, nozzle maintenance, spray release height, the weather, the temperature and wind.

You can use the kit to see the actual spray efficiency and coverage under these factors to get optimum spray accuracy.

Growers and spray contractors see it and check it with Tool Mate "SprayCheck"!


A water based fluorescent, food grade dye penetrant,made by Tool Mate Fluids, is filled into the reservoir in the sprayer and sprayed onto the crops and orchards during the day. Spraying density and coverage is checked after sunset, in the dark with the UV light The water based dye penetrant is a concentrate in 4L size.

UV Light Features:

  • Made in Sweden
  • High intensity, comply to industry standards
  • Due power, rechargeable battery and main supply on one light
  • Highly portable and light weight
  • Can be used indoor and outdoor
  • White light and UV light on midbeam 2.0
  • IP65 certified, can be used in the rain
  • Super easy to operate
  • Part and repair service is available

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Tool Mate SprayCheck Kit for Crop Care Tool Mate SprayCheck Kit for Crop Care Tool Mate SprayCheck Kit for Crop Care

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