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A custom formulated fluid for the plasma industry.

It is a mineral oil, chlorine and nitrite free, synthetic metal working coolant, specially designed for machining of carbon steel, cast iron, ferrous alloys.


  • Protects aluminium and copper alloy parts mounted on the plasma machine and bed.
  • Offers improved machining cleanness to tool and parts.
  • Tested in soft to hard water hardness conditions, is economical and low maintenance in use, and provides exceptional long sump life to meet the requirement of plasma wet bed operation.
  • Equally suitable for use in large centralised coolant systems and for small individual coolant sumps.


  • Optimised lubricity additives to extend tool life.
  • Minimised misting in high temperature cutting drilling zone, low odour.
  • Mineral oil, chlorine and nitrite free, providing high health, safety and environmental compliance standards, and reduced waste treatment costs.
  • Excellent wetting properties, reduce "drag out" and product usage, and provide cleaner operating conditions and components.
  • Exceptional product stability in hard water. Good tolerance to water hardness build up in large plasma fluid bed over time.
  • Low foaming characteristics in soft water conditions, eliminates the use of antifoams and reduces system maintenance costs.
  • Excellent anti corrosion properties to protect ferrous and non ferrous machine tools and components.
  • Multi metal compatibility offers opportunity for product consolidation.


Tool Mate Fluids
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