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Welcome to Tool Mate Fluids

Tool Mate Fluids is an Australian company focused on metalworking fluids and Non Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment and consumables. In addition, Tool Mate Fluids supplies a wide range of specialty chemical products for snake reptile care, crop care, roof and brick cleaning.

Non Destructive Testing

We are the approved distributor for Sherwin Dubl-Chek NDT consumables, Labino UV lamps and NDT equipment and accessories. Sherwin Incorporated | LabinoSherwin Dubl-Chek NDT consumables meet AMS, ASTM or MIL standards and are endorsed by oil and gas projects and aerospace manufacturers. Sherwin also have unique high-temp penetrant, which are approved by major projects. Sherwin NDT consumables include aerosols, bulk package and magnetic particle dry powders.

Tool Mate Fluids stocks Labino UV lamps in our multiple warehouses across Australia. Labino is known to be the “black lights” specialists. Labino UV lights are based on both LED and MPXL technology. We are pleased to offer free trials for customers who are interested in Labino innovative and high quality lights. Please contact our office for further information.

Tool Mate Fluids also offer a large range of NDT accessories, eg. penetrant testing panels, TAM panels, cracked aluminium blocks, MT testing bars, centrifuge set for settlement testing, custom made testing benches, field meter, etc.

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Metalworking Fluids

We work closely with machine and tool manufacturers to offer specialty fluids & lubricants to meet specific application requirements across engineering, plasma cutting and mining industries.

With emphasis on providing regular fluid condition testing services, we believe scientific testings and close servicing are the key to achieve the best performance and fluid problem solving.

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Crop Care

For vineyard, orchard, tree crop, nut, cotton growers and spray contractors, you have been investing and using different kinds of sprayers, mist sprayer, fan sprayer, air blast sprayer, tower sprayer, self-propelled sprayers, etc. 

By using TM Crop Care "SprayCheck" kit, you can visually check the spray coverage, spray drift and spray efficiency by seeing the indication of the droplets and drift. "SprayCheck" uses water proof, high intensity, portable UV light with food grade fluorescent dye. It gives indications without the limitations like spray cards.

Crop Care "SprayCheck" kit helps you evaluating your sprayer and your spraying operation. The instant indication provides very important reference for spray calibration, nozzle selection.

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Tool Mate Fluids
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