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Darkroom Timer

Description Product
Plastic boot over the power switch prevents corrosion from chemicals or water. Easy-to-read numerals on a large 6 1/2 inch diameter face. Numerals, dial and hands are luminous. Setting knob for fast fingertip control. Precision accuracy assured by electric synchronous motor. Buzzer automatically signals end of period. One second to sixty seconds. Darkroom Timer

Dema Injector

Description Product
For spraying hydrophilic emulsifier. The emulsifier is drawn into the water stream by the Dema valve, emitting an emulsifier/water spray. The Dema Injector allows the penetrant user to process parts with the hydrophilic method without adding large dip tanks. Dema Injector

Sure Shot Pressure Sprayer

Description Product
Portable, lightweight pressure sprayer for spot application of penetrants, developers, and cleaner. Interchangeable nozzles for mist or pin spray. One quart capacity. Uses shop compressed air. Chrome-plated brass. Measures 9"H x 4"Dia. Sure Shot Pressure Sprayer

Water Temperature Guage

Description Product
Thermometer, dial size 3 inches, temperature range 0 to 250 degrees fahrenheit, stem length 2.5 inches, 1 percentage dual scale accuracy. Water Temperature Guage

WG-1 Wash Gun

Description Product
A sturdy Tri-Con spray wash gun meeting MIL-I-6866 and ASTM E 1417 requirements. The Tri-Con gun is available with or without the full jet nozzle that emits coarse spray without air pressure. WG-1 Wash Gun

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