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Mk-7X-RCS MT Inverter Pack

Mk-7X-RCS MT Inverter PackThe MPI Yoke Inverter [Mk-7X- RCD] is RCD protected. The unit has been designed to be portable and built for use on construction sites where an RCD protected supply is not available, or a generator is not a practical option, or situations of restricted access, or rope access work and offshore construction or where extended lengths of extension cables are not permitted. To conform to standard MPI testing techniques the unit is intended for short time and intermittent operation, not continuous; as per AS NZS 4763-2011 6.2.


Parker Yoke

Parker YokeAn electromagnet producing a strong magnetic field. Placement of the two poles (legs) upon ferrous metal provides a path for the intense magnetic field to pass from one pole to the other. The part completes the flux path and becomes highly magnetized. Models B300, B300S and B48 produce strong constant AC fields. All Parker Contour Probes are designed with flexible legs that allow the field to be "focused" at a precise area of inspection.


MT-1C battery AC yoke with UV and white lightMT-1C battery AC yoke with UV and white light

Also available MT-1B, with white light. Portable solution for off shore projects, oil and gas, confined spaces, rail and bridge project, mine sites, rope access, power station and remote locations. Perfect for any job that has limited power access!

Switch between UV light and white light. It has a smart LCD screen control panel and comes complete with belt holder, shoulder strap and carrying case.


Battery AC Yoke

Battery AC YokePlease contact us for details.

Heavy Duty Heat Resistant AC Yoke

Heavy Duty Heat Resistant AC YokeEasy to change cable with in-built white light for convenience. Carry case is included.



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