Novogel AB

Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Novogel AB Hand Sanitiser is an alcohol-based product which enables workers to practice effective personal hygiene. It is an antibacterial gel which is effective in killing 99.9% of bacterial germs and complies with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations for infection control.

Novogel AB
  • Kills 99.99% of germs fast
  • With 70% ethanol content
  • Includes Aloe Vera skin moisturisers
  • pH balanced and protects the skin from dryness and irritation
  • Formulated to meet the infection control guidelines recommended by the World Health Organisation and The US Centers for Disease Control

Providing hand sanitiser is the first line of defence against the spread of bacteria and viruses such as COVID-19 by giving workers a quick and effective means of hand cleaning. The alcohol in hand sanitiser products is known to kill many kinds of viruses, including enveloped viruses such as coronavirus, and provides additional protection by killing other germs and disease-causing microbes. It can be more convenient than soap and water as it air dries with no need for rinsing.

Novogel AB gel is pH balanced and includes aloe vera to protect the skin from dryness or irritation, making it suitable for frequent and ongoing use.

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Ki-ose 390

2-in-1 Disinfectant Wipes
Ki-ose 390
  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses & fungi
  • Noin-woven spun lace wipe, will not tear
  • Ready to use pack of 30 wipes
  • Non-flammable, approved for use aircraft
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Available: Outside of USA

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