Disinfectant Fogging Machines

ULV Fogger/Misting Machine to Spray Disinfectant

For efficient, large-scale surface disinfectant processes a fogging machine can be used to disperse disinfectants such as Netbiokem DSAM. Ultra-low volume (ULV) fogging or misting machines are commonly used to disinfect aircraft, commercial buildings, hospitals, schools and factories as well as residential environments.

Disinfectant fogging machines are a vital tool to help stop the spread of coronavirus as they enable potentially contaminated areas to be quickly and effectively disinfected. Fogging machines can be used to treat large areas in a short space of time and can be deployed in difficult to access sites.

Tool Mate Fluids disinfectant fogging machines come in mains or battery powered models, have optional auto spray timer functions and have adjustable flow regulators to ensure appropriate flow rates, optimum droplet size and uniform coverage. Mains powered foggers are available in three models from 2.5L to 8L capacity while portable battery powered portable foggers come in 2.5L (shoulder strap) or 5L (backpack) options.

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ULV Fogger/Misting Machine to Spray Disinfectant

Mains and Battery fogging machines to spray disinfectant

The foggers have optional auto spray timer function.

All foggers have adjustable flow regulator, providing the required flow rate and fog droplet size: between 5-50 micron.

These foggers are perfect for fogging disinfectant in aircraft, warehouses, factories, hospitals, churches, commercial buildings, home and schools, etc

Fogger Mains supply

Fogger Mains Supply
  • Fluid Capacity 5-8L
  • 220V/50Hz
  • 5-50 Micron particle
  • Weight 3.2-3.9kg (tank empty)
  • 3 stock items

Fogger E

Mains Supply With Auto Spray Timer
Fogger E
  • Fluid capacity 2.5L
  • Perfect atomization, flow rate 0-18L/h
  • Adjustable flow rate and fog droplet control: 5-50 microns of fine fog droplet
  • Can choose retractable cord easy pull out and wind up

Fogger - Battery Portable

Ideal For Aviation and Professional Cleaning/Pest Control Contractors
Fogger - Battery Portable Fogger - Battery Portable
  • Fluid capacity 2.5L
  • Battery running time 45min
  • 5-50 Micron Droplet Size Adjustable
  • Auto Spray Timer
  • Weight 5.7 kg (tank empty)

Fogger Pioneer - Battery Portable

Most Powerful for Aviation and Professional Cleaning/Pest Control Contractors
Fogger Pioneer - Battery Portable Fogger Pioneer - Battery Portable
  • Backpack design
  • Best atomization, Powerful flow rate 0-18L/h
  • Covers an area of 200 m² in less than 1 minute.
  • 5-50μm adjustable, uniform and consistent coverage
  • Precision flow rate and droplet control, for both ULV and residual spraying
  • Motor RPM adjustable, set spray distance to 10-15m
  • Lithium Battery 24V, 450W
  • Battery running time 90 min at low speed and 60 min at high speed
  • Fluid Tank Capacity: 5L
  • Weight 12.8kg (tank empty)

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