Fogging, Hand Sanitiser, Disinfectant and PPE for Covid-19

Netbiokem DSAM
Netbiokem DSAM

High performance disinfectant cleaner for all hard surfaces. It provides broad spectrum disinfection in industrial, institutional, healthcare and household settings.

Hand Sanitisers
Novogel AB / Ki-ose 390

Alcohol-based sanitiser to enable workers to practice effective personal hygiene, effective in killing 99.9% of bacterial germs.

Fogging Machine
Fogging machines

For efficient, large-scale surface disinfectant processes a fogging machine can be used to disperse disinfectants such as Netbiokem DSAM.

PPE Masks & Gowns
PPE Masks & Gowns

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential for safe work practices, protecting both the wearer and those around them from potential infection.

Tool Mate Fluids
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